Yin & Yang Collection

Yin & Yang Collection


Precisely knitted into shape, Unis sneakers feature soft, recycled PET uppers designed for comfort and quality. The knit forms to the shape of your foot, offering firm support and stability without limiting flexibility or breathability. Our midsoles balance comfort and durability. They’re designed and printed to be worn hard. By using a unique internal lattice structure that’s printed at a precise temperature, Unis sneakers have a foamless cushioned feel that absorbs impact softly and stands up to wear. Each shoe is 100% recyclable.

You Can't Rush the Revolution

Our sneakers are assembled on demand - the sooner you get your order in, the sooner we start printing them. While we do our best to get you a fresh pair as fast as we can, big orders can slow us down, and you may have to wait a few weeks to finally show yours off. Get in touch before ordering and we can give you an estimate on how long yours will take.
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